Jan 23, 2012

Bursting at the seems

 So many fun things are happening.  I'm working on a wedding card box for a friend.  Her colors are gold and brown, so last night I cut out the tops and bottoms for her 3 tiered box.  Today I've made a lot of progress and I got her favors in so I can start working on those as well.
 I started this canvas piece for St. Patty's day.  My Fiance really loves this holiday and his enthusiasm is very infectious so I started this.  I will do the word in green and then have random letters around it in yellow.
 These pretty boxes will eventually say 'Kiss  Me'.  I can make these into a banner or keep them separate  to be place where ever.  I think that these will end up being super cute.
 I know, Christmas??  I have another bride who saw something and wanted to know if I could make something similar for her ring bear.  Her colors are silver and blue.  I love that this is something totally different than the usual and can also be reused to hold keep sakes.  I will be putting their initials and wedding date on the snowflake.
Sweets for your sweetie anyone?  A very cute food tin, perfect for chocolate chip cookies I think or any other goodies for your sweetie.

Phew, so busy and so much fun.  I'm so honored that these woman trust me making something for their special day!  I have another bride doing a Nightmare before Christmas themed wedding and I got picked to do the wedding card box for her as well.  So exciting!  Can't wait to get started!

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